An experiment called Iceland

Now, this dream finally comes true: I’ll go to Iceland for 8 months. Since I was a girl I was dreaming of getting there some day. Since then I used to passionately read, listen and collect everything connected with this magical country. Riding the famous Iceland horses was where it all started, progressed with reading nearly every book from Einar Már Gudmunsson, Indridason or Sigurdsdottír and all the other authors. Or listening to Bloodgroup, Dikta or Sin Fang and a lot of other massive Icelandic artists. Now I also can proudly say: I’m going to explore this country by my own.

It took me 7 years to make this dream come true. Since I left school I tried to be a part of the Seeds community, which is a volunteer organisation from Reykjavík. I patiently applied over and over again. Nearly every year I sent an application to them. This year, after I had a professional break, I finally was lucky!

But this wasn’t for sure all the time.  After I applied on time, Seeds sent me some kind of standard e-mail, which only contained the confirmation they got my application, documents are complete and they’ll announce personal Skype interview appointments to those volunteers, who reached the pre-selected round. They scheduled a special period of time where all these interviews would take place.  So, my conclusion was: Who doesn’t have an appointment for the Skype interview by this standard e-mail, is dismissed. I was devasteted. I just couln’t believed it – Another year without the chance to go to Iceland?! Although the timing couln’t get any better?I mean, really?!

But wait. Two days later I got another e-mail from Sonja, the lovely lady from Seeds who was in contact with me. She said:  Here is your appointment for the Skype interview.  What great news. I chatted with Binni, one of the owner of the Volcano Huts. After this interview I got the message, that they’d like to have me as a volunteer in the nature reserve in Thorsmörk. Which, by the way, is directly located north of the famous Eyjafjallajökull, which knocked out the air traffic in 2010 with his massive eruption.

So, I’ll be a so called Cabin Warden at the Volcano Huts, which are located directly at the end of the most popular hiking trail of Iceland, the Laugavegur, which actually means the path of the warm springs.

This blog shall give my friends, family and interested persons an insight into my experiences in Iceland. Referring to my personal interests this blog will also include some impressions and reviews about (Icelandic) music, hopefully some travel reports and maybe also some (Icelandic) recipes.

So, why do I call this blog The Iceland Experiment? Why experiment, testing, check? … Because it will be a test for me. This cold, dark, stormy, barren  country will dare me. It will be a challenge for me. You know what? I’ll accept the challenge. Here we go, Iceland.


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  1. Of course I like it… can’t wait for reading more about you living your dream!

    Be blessed my heart and simply enjoy what life is offering you…

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