“Eternal ice” at Gígjökull

Hike to Gígjökull glacial lagoon

Yesterday we hiked to Gígjökull where you could find a glacial cave. But unfortunatelly, when we arrived it seemed like it just collapsed few days ago. You could see huge fragements of the ice cave lying shattered in front of the glacier which is also part of the infamous Eyjafjallajökull glacier. For me it was really exciting to hear the ice cracking all around the area. What was even more exciting was the imagination of hiking within a former glacier lake basin.

fragements of the gígjökull ice cave
fragements of from Gígjökull ice cave

Only four years ago it would have not been that easy to get so close to the Gígjökull as the Lóniđ lake was in front of it. But after Eyjafjallajökull errupted the ice melted and gathered in this small lake which couldn’t hold the masses of meltwater, so it collapsed. Today there is no more lake. You can get an impression of what happened in this area 2010 in this video. So, you see, nothing is really “eternal” in Iceland, landscape is changing everyday. Even the so called “eternal ice” has to accept that.


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