Snow hiking in Goðaland

Hiking in the snow in Iceland is wonderful and interesting at the same time

Snow, a bumpy ride and total solitude – that’s what it needs to go on a snow hike in Iceland. Snow we get a lot these days over here in South Iceland. Winter came late though. Usually snow and cold drop in early in November. But we enjoyed an unusually warm, rainy and stormy autumn and winter beginning.

As the days get really short (sunrise:10:50 – sunset:15:30) we have to start as soon as possible to get the chance to hike. So that’s what we did last week in our “neighborhood” Goðaland – which could be literally translated “Land of the Gods”. To get there we have to use any vehicle which can cross our nasty river Krossá – it is (in)famous for swallowing countless cars. The hut over there – Básar – is now closed and no wardens live there anymore. So, we were totally alone in a circuit of 30km. This feeling is unbelievable. That’s actually what I say right now! The moment you’re standing on top of this iced, lonely mountain loosing the track for a minute while grasping for the snow covered chain + certainty of being all alone … this can be a tad unsettling! But when you made it the view and the sensation afterwards are just amazing!

snow shoe hiking in Thórsmörk
Snow shoe hiking – another way to deal with the snow while hiking

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