The Northern Light Show

The Northern Lights Show

Northern lights show up every now and then on the night sky of Þórsmörk, Iceland. Sometimes they appear as a long curve, occassionally moving like waves and at times they are dancing. But they are not the only attraction in the night sky.

When full moon joins the light party it’s getting even more spectacular. The scenery looks even mystical if all this glow is reflected by the snow. This picture is really rare though as it is unlikely to see the northern lights while moonlight is that intense and bright. Mostly the moon overtrumpes the norðurljós, as they are called in Icelandic.

Additionally, there has been a meteor shower over the night sky these days, so we could see a lot of shooting stars at the clear sky. The only “problem”: A stiff neck, freezing fingers and feet due to -12° degrees.

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