Snow madness

It is snowing in Þórsmörk. Almost every day. This means: A LOT of snow to clear. So our soundtrack over here at the moment is “Everyday I’m shoveling“!

It is such a white beauty. Every day when I wake up I already see it out of my window. The snow is now reaching my window, fresh snow is covering all the trees and the snowy tops of the mountains. But you anticipate: All of this has to be cleared. By our hands. We don’t have any machines such as snow ploughs or snow tillers over here, we have to shovel all of it manually. All the way! The area of the Volcano Huts covers about 150 square meter!!! We need to clear the snow from our staff house to the main house. Furthermore to all the belonging service buildings like storage huts, laundry and all the accomodation huts for the guests.

My collegue Jalen once tried to get rid off the problem by constructing a snow plough for our car. It was selfmade of course. It took him two days. Unfortunatelly it didn’t work out and he had to shovel twice as much by digging the car out of the snow banks.

So much snow in Iceland, that the christmas tree is fully covered
Snow nicely covers the christmas tree in front of the huts

At the cover picture you see me shoveling snow after it briefly rained in the evening before. This rain turned spontaneously into snow again during the night. In addition to the snow there was a strong breeze blowing. This resulted in high snow banks consisting out of heavy, wet snow. I just nicely cleared this area few hours ago. Argghh!!! Additionally, I feel like some kind of mouse, digging tunnels and corridors and only run on these paths. Well, who needs free movement anyway?

The winter is lasting at least two more months in Iceland. If it continues to be so very snowy, I hope I won’t get snowsane aaahh … insane.

From the sauna to the snow and into the pool
From the sauna into the snow and into the natural warm pool and into the sauna again … and again and again

But OF COURSE all this snow get its bloom sides, too: You can go for a wounderful snow hike with snow shoes, go sledging, get out of the sauna into the nice snow or train your body by shoveling snow!!! Christmas by the way was like in a winter wounder land! So picturesque. Well, I guess I won’t complain again 😉

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