Sónar Festival Reykjavík 2015

Sónar Festival 2015, Reykjavík Harpa

Sónar Festival is a festival for electronical music and is taking place all over the world. It was my first festival ever. This happening in Iceland was just affing amazing!

My top 4 acts

1. B-Ruff (IS)

He just amazed me with his live DJ performance. I saw him already on the first day of Sónar featuring another DJ and I was immediately interested. At his own performance on Friday night he himself integrated three live acts, including a trumpet player.

2. Paul Kalkbrenner (GER)

Of course!!! I lived in Berlin and he wrote basically the soundtrack for this city. So, I had to see him, especially as I’ve never seen him live before. As his gig had to be cancelled spontaneously last year, he performed extra long. Awesome, thx Paule!

3. Nisennenmondai (JP)

This girl band made incredible hyptonizing electro music. I stumbled into their performance by accidence and immediately was caught by their trance music. They all look like cute little Japanese girls, but create such a massive atmosphere you get sucked in. I was especially thrilled by the performance of the drummer – amazing job, girl!

4. DJ Yamaho (IS)

This Icelandic D Jane makes danceable beats with a slight exotic touch. There is not too much to find about her so I was looking forward to her performance at Sónar Festival and I wasn’t disappointed.

Acts I unfortunatelly missed:

  • SBTRKT – I love this artist. I discovered him 2012 and ever since fancied his creative combination of soul, electro and trance. All his featured singers became celebrated newcomers. But sorry, SBTRKT, Paul Kalkbrenner was my first choice this time. Tough competition though.
  • SOPHIE – Alledgely THE new DJ for electronical music of the future. Although having a female stage name, the artist is male and makes wicked music something between Skrillex, Max Cooper and whatnot.

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