Jökulsárlón – Moody glacier lagoon

The Moody Glacier Lagoon - Jökulsárón

The glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón is famous and popular with tourists and locals equally. There is a special fascination about the thousand year old blue glacial ice drifting in a wide lagoon. But to be honest, I wasn’t under the spell right away.

The first time I visited it in March, I was, to be frank, totally disappointed. There was barely any ice in the lagoon and I was asking myself, why there was such a hype about it. The icebergs at the sea side right over the street were the only thing about the place I find interesting and beautiful.

Indeed I was so disappointed about Jökulsárlón at my first visit I didn’t even take a picture of it – just this one from the neighbouring lagoon

At my last visit, however, it seemed like the glacier lagoon wanted to make up for the first bad impression – seals, seagulls and plenty of icebergs as well as sunshine! Eveything was there. It was amazing. We spent a hour to soak up this magical place and atmosphere. If you were listening closesly, you could hear the ice crack and scratch. seal in JökulsárlónSo don’t be disappointed if you won’t find the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon packed with magical blue icebergs. She is a diva which knows a lot of people travel far to see her and can be moody. So, if you have the chance to stay longer in Iceland and on your first visit there is not too much ice in the lagoon, maybe it is worth to re-arrange your route that way that you will pass it at your way back again. Its impression depends on the amount of ice calving from the glacier, the temperature and the wind which blows it into the lagoon.

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