Iceland – Still!

Reykjavík seen from the top of Mt. Esja

Exactly eight months ago I was writing my first blog entry from Icelandic land and property. What started out as a volunteer program in the Icelandic wilderness became a job in the capital Reykjavík.

The volunteer program should have stopped one month ago. But I am still here. It is like I am living a dream: The country I was crazy about should be my new place to live and work? Ask me one year ago and I would have laughed heartily about this vision. And now it is real. To be honest, I am still waiting for the needle to burst my little soap bubble or someone who will come and pinch me, so I wake up. But at the same time I hope, this won’t happen soon or even better: Never!

In February I was asking Binni, my boss, if he has work in Þórsmörk during the summer for me. As I liked the place and the work so much, I wanted to extend my stay to a full year in Iceland. To experience the midnight sun, the overwhelmingly green hills and of course the high season – just to name some few reasons. And of course, because I fell in love with Þórsmörk. Binnis answer was surprising: No, he has no job in Þórsmörk for me. He offered me a job in Reykjavík instead. And I should start right away. He was calling me on a Sunday – 48 h later I found myself in Reykjavík. This was a textbook example of Icelandic spontaneity and flexibility. Since then I am working in the northernmost capital of the world. And I love it! I am working in a travel agency where I mostly take care of the German clients together with my other German colleague whose name funny enough is Marie as well. My colleagues are great and I enjoy the working atmosphere so much.

The high season in tourism starts in June and I am curious about how crowded this island 66° degrees North could get. In March and April it was already quite busy. The main attraction of Iceland and world wide known Blue Lagoon was already closed as it was fully booked over the last months. So, I expect, the hell will break loose over the summer time. Especially as the tourist numbers rised dramatically the last three years. And I will be in the midst of it. I can’t wait for this expercience and the summer in Iceland.

I am still swept away by the magic light, the rough nature, the infintity of the land, the beautiful language, the boisterous Atlantic ocean gushing over black beaches, the breathtaking contrast of flawless snow, pitch black lava stones and an endless blue horizon like on the cover picture which shows the view from Mt. Esja over Reykjavík. I am still swept away by Iceland.

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