Living the good life

Relaxing in Sjávarborg in Hvammstangi

There are these moments when you feel in every minute how blessed  and grateful you are. Moments during trips, for example, which are full of new, inspiring and relaxing impressions and make you say “I am living the good life”.

Travelling in Iceland is never boring. Especially to new destinations you haven’t been before, which only opened up recently or you didn’t even know they exist while stumbling upon them. On such a trip we have been together as colleagues and also friends on the last weekend. The good part of being a travel agent is that you actually kind of need to know what is going on in your tourism universe to stay up to date. The even better part is, Icelanders are very active in coming up with ideas for new attractions. So, we decided to pay a

Krauma – the newest of Icelands geothermal water retreats

visit to Krauma, the newest edition to the fancy Icelandic spa collection which makes use of the geothermal water, which there is plenty of in Iceland and you can not only use for bathing. The project got finally finished in late fall 2017 after some time of stagnation due to problems of the financing.

But you do not feel any of these troubles of the projects’ past when you step in to Krauma, which literally translates into “boiling”. It refers to the temperature of the source which is feeding the pools of the spa: Deildatunguhver. The hot spring with the long, unprounceable name is Europe’s most powerful hot spring in terms of water amount. Its water is boiling hot (100° degrees) and you can see its hot steam swirling around already from afar. It is directly used to make you unwind in one of the several hot tubs. But in order to actually get it to bathing temperature, pure cold water from the

Krauma bath resort at the Deildatunguhver hot spring
Krauma doesn’t only make use of the hot spring water for the bath resort, but also to grow their own green house vegetables one can enjoy at the restaurant only serving local food.

nearby glacier Ok is used. Yes, you read correctly, its name is Ok – a jolly glacier doing just fine and so will you in this lovely bath resort. The best part about it is also your portemonnaie will say “ok”, because Krauma only sets you back 3.800 ISK, while the over-hyped, overrun and overexpensive Blue Lagoon will yaw for at least 9.000 ISK, so more then double as much. Sensitive people will also enjoy this place, because it is so very fresh. The water doesn’t contain any additives such as chlorine. The concept is to have every guest shower properly before visiting the pool, as it is Icelandic pool tradition. Also, the pool is cleaned daily and the water exchanged as well. Visiting the close by Hraunfossar waterfalls we think this is the perfect day trip from Reykjavík.

We however decided to head further North instead of going back to Reykjavík, after we soaked ourselves. We stayed over in a country hotel, called Dæli and enjoyed some refreshing sing and song evening, like it is typical for Icelandic countryside, before we went to rest for the night. Our host and his neighbour are living the Icelandic life through and through: Running a farm with hundreds of sheep, horses, goats and other animals, managing a farm stay accommodation and also producing their own music – even releasing their own album. It is constantly amazing me how bustling this tiny nation and its individuals truly is.

Kolugljúfur in winter
Kolugljúfur canyon in winter

On the next morning after we waved goodbye to each and single one of the lovely animals on the farm, we visited the awe-inspiring Kolugljúfur canyon, which said to be the home to troll-women Kola, who is quite the contrary to her beautiful residence. She is said to be mean and ugly. I actually got a bit overwhelmed by the power of the river which is rumbling through the deep canyon beneath the tiny little wooden bridge crossing it. I never had a panic attack, but in the face of this mighty canyon I got a little tense. Maybe Kola was playing a trick on me, you never know with these trolls.

After that we went straight so Hvammstangi, where we had a lovely lunch in Sjávarborg restaurant. The interior of this place is just bursting with creativity.

The refreshing meal gave us the right energy to start our trip back home, we managed just about to escape a snow storm and a white out. Only few hours after we arrived home a snow storm which lasted for two days hit the northwestern area we just came from. As nice it is to escape the everyday life with these kind of trips, it also is as nice to come home to your loved one and snuggle up in a cosy home, while the snowstorm is rampaging outside.

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  1. Was für ein schöner Ausflug! Das ist wirklich ein tolles Leben!
    Würde mich auch gern mal im Krauma durchwärmen lassen 🙂


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