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Reykjavík Toy Soldier Hunt

It has been a while I took notice of them and once I spotted them, the next one just seemed a few footsteps away. Glorious on top of a street sign, deceitfully hidden into the facade of a house or victoriously enthroned on a shop sign or billboard – a whole armee of little toy soldiers has taken over Reykjavík downtown. Reykjavík Toy Soldier Hunt weiterlesen


Living the good life

There are these moments when you feel in every minute how blessed  and grateful you are. Moments during trips, for example, which are full of new, inspiring and relaxing impressions and make you say „I am living the good life“. Living the good life weiterlesen

Westman Islands in Winter Solitude

Vestmannaeyjar or Westman Islands are small archipelago located at the South Coast of Iceland. They are mystically beautiful and historic. Although I have gazed at them laying in the ocean mist hundred of times on my way to Þórsmörk or other destinations in the South, I didn’t manage to get there. Until now in the middle of winter – and it was perfect timing. Westman Islands in Winter Solitude weiterlesen

6 Top Icelandic Souvenirs

A lot of friends and my family already visited me here in Iceland. All of them raise the question sooner or later: What shall they bring from Iceland as a souvenir. And I am always in a tight spot – I start pondering, while they look at me, full of expectation. Sometimes I get clueless, the only thing I can respond is „I will think about it“. This isn’t a very helpful advice what to bring with them, isn’t it? So that’s why I came up with this list about the best, authentic and practical souvenirs from Iceland. 6 Top Icelandic Souvenirs weiterlesen