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True Iceland: Húsavík in Winter

Every now and then, you need to pack your stuff and hit the road. Find some new spots you have never been before, go and explore . Disclose the unexpected. I got hit between the eyes by Húsavík and Melrakkaslétta winter beauty. True Iceland: Húsavík in Winter weiterlesen


Westman Islands in Winter Solitude

Vestmannaeyjar or Westman Islands are small archipelago located at the South Coast of Iceland. They are mystically beautiful and historic. Although I have gazed at them laying in the ocean mist hundred of times on my way to Þórsmörk or other destinations in the South, I didn’t manage to get there. Until now in the middle of winter – and it was perfect timing. Westman Islands in Winter Solitude weiterlesen

6 Top Icelandic Souvenirs

A lot of friends and my family already visited me here in Iceland. All of them raise the question sooner or later: What shall they bring from Iceland as a souvenir. And I am always in a tight spot – I start pondering, while they look at me, full of expectation. Sometimes I get clueless, the only thing I can respond is „I will think about it“. This isn’t a very helpful advice what to bring with them, isn’t it? So that’s why I came up with this list about the best, authentic and practical souvenirs from Iceland. 6 Top Icelandic Souvenirs weiterlesen