Jökulsárlón – Moody glacier lagoon

The glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón is famous and popular with tourists and locals equally. There is a special fascination about the thousand year old blue glacial ice drifting in a wide lagoon. But to be honest, I wasn’t under the spell right away. Jökulsárlón – Moody glacier lagoon weiterlesen


Bath Mission – Pools in Reykjavík & Iceland

Going to one of the numerous thermal pools is part of the daily life in Iceland. With a steady chilly wind, cold and snow for almost 8 months a year, you are very happy to slide in the hot water of these pools at the end of the day, after an outdoor workout or at the weekend to cure a hang over. Bath Mission – Pools in Reykjavík & Iceland weiterlesen

The supreme packing list for Iceland

My parents will visit me next week. My mom is a drill instructor when it comes to plan a trip and therefore optimizing the packing list. She asked me over and over again: „What shall we pack in our suitcases?“ After hours of investigation and acting out every possible scenario mentally, I am now glad to say, I came up with this packing list for her. This will do especially for travelling from September – April: The supreme packing list for Iceland weiterlesen

Exploring Iceland – A lifelong dream comes true