Icelandic Wedding cake

I never thought my first two recipes on my blog would be cakes as I am not really into sweet food. But ok, you never know. And that’s why you can find Hjónabandssæla, the so called Icelandic wedding cake right here. Icelandic Wedding cake weiterlesen


Soup bootcamp

You see, I take this seriously. I get prepared for my trip to Thorsmörk, Iceland. Which means, I get tipps and tricks from the best: Grandma. As one of my main tasks as a Winter Cabin warden will be to provide guests with information, guide some shorter hikes in the area and: Prepare meals, especially soups I asked her to give me some tipps. Here you will find two recipes: Pea soup and Solyanka á la Granny. Soup bootcamp weiterlesen


Exploring Iceland – A lifelong dream comes true