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Reykjavík Toy Soldier Hunt

It has been a while I took notice of them and once I spotted them, the next one just seemed a few footsteps away. Glorious on top of a street sign, deceitfully hidden into the facade of a house or victoriously enthroned on a shop sign or billboard – a whole armee of little toy soldiers has taken over Reykjavík downtown. Reykjavík Toy Soldier Hunt weiterlesen


Bath Mission – Pools in Reykjavík & Iceland

Going to one of the numerous thermal pools is part of the daily life in Iceland. With a steady chilly wind, cold and snow for almost 8 months a year, you are very happy to slide in the hot water of these pools at the end of the day, after an outdoor workout or at the weekend to cure a hang over. Bath Mission – Pools in Reykjavík & Iceland weiterlesen